Impressions from Chorzów

by Jannis Abegg, FöJ

BC Chorzów
Das Freiwilligenteam von Chorzow

The non-profit organization “Wyspa” in Chorzów has existed since 1990 and aims to support children from poor or disadvantaged families with workshops and educational support and to enable them to find their way into a stable future. Chorzów (approx. 110,000 inhabitants) is an important industrial city in the Polish Silesian Voivodeship, about seven kilometers northwest of Katowice. The association’s building is open all year round and serves as the city’s youth center. During the construction camp, the volunteers will paint several rooms and the facade, build a tree house, renovate a gazebo and tile the bathroom.

Das Freiwilligenteam bestand aus 3 deutschen, 2 niederländischen, und 4 polnischen Teilnehmern. Die Hauptaufgaben bestanden aus der Renovierung des Badezimmers, der Pflege von Holztischen, sowie die Pflege des Grundstücks.

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