Impressions from Schopfheim

The sponsorship association “Hasel Train Station e.V.” is responsible for a youth and family leisure home in Schopfheim. Schopfheim is located in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland in the district of Lörrach. The leisure home (a former train station) offers groups the opportunity to carry out leisure activities of all kinds. This ranges from seminars to music workshops and school trips to camps. The building authority has been supporting the reconstruction and renovation measures in the ‘Hasel Meeting Station’ for many years. A natural stone wall was built this year and paved in the outdoor area.

“Thanks again for your organization for us, we really had a very successful construction camp.”

by Fritz Schmidt, Begegnungsbahnhof Hasel
Artikel aus der Badischen Zeitung vom 6. September 2019

Artikel aus der Badischen Zeitung
Artikel aus der Badischen Zeitung vom 30.August 2019