Impressions from the Olgashof

by Friederike Schmahl, FöJ

The atmosphere at the Olgashof is indescribably inviting. Between the many pear and apple trees, you could work optimally on the one hand and relax well on the other. The fact that around 20 pears were collected and devoured by the IBOs every day shows the closeness to nature that is experienced in this community. Many volunteers were inspired by this and also by the lifestyle of the Olgashöfler * and stimulated to think.

Cooking was one of the things that brought us international volunteers together. Thanks to an organized cooking division, there were surprising and creative dishes every day, which often made our day.

At the construction camp on the Olgashof in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from 22.09. up to 05.10.2019 12 volunteers worked. Among them were 4 Turks, a Hungarian, a Czech and 6 Germans.

The work to be done was to lay down hot water pipes and renovate doors, the interior of the new upper floor and the insulation of the heating tanks.

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