La Dolce Vita!

Dear volunteers,

we invite you to an evening full of goodies and stories.

Cook your friends, family, neighbors or whoever else is in the mood for delicious spaghetti!

The building order will send you the necessary utensils and hope that you will share a few stories and facts about the building order in a cozy get-together with your loved ones. If you are interested in our suggestion to share your experiences in the construction camp with your loved ones and feast at the same time, just send us an e-mail with “YES, I want to eat & tell” and your current address and we will send you a delivery free House.

We are also curious! Please answer the following questions in advance

Who is cooking for? Which construction camp is being talked about?

And of course we would be very happy about a picture!

The deadline for the “order” is October 31, 2021, parcels will then be sent a few days later.

Warm greetings

Your Bauorden team