Obersteinbach – House of Castles

Obersteinbach - House of Castles


30/07/2023 - 12/08/2023    


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Maison des Châteaux Forts (Haus der Burgen)
Rue Principale, F-67510 Obersteinbach, F-67510, Alsace (Elsass)

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PROJECT: The “Patrimone d’Ici” club is dedicated to preserve the local cultural heritage. Their project „Maison des Châteaux Forts“ („House Of Castles”) is a museum and an artist’s house in Obersteinbach (Alsace), located near Wissembourg/France and the French-German border. The area is very popular among hikers and the „Maison des Châteaux Forts“ has served as a tourist information center for many years. Around the beginning of the 20th century, Obersteinbach hosted art classes for women, as women at the time were not allowed into art schools. Now, the building needs renovation and is to be prepared for exhibitions and one room will be turned into a studio. The museum will be enhanced using the garden, creating an outdoor museum accessable for tourists around the clock. Among other works, the clay half-timbered construction used in castles and houses nearby is to be uesd and explained there. A barn across the street will be used for exhibitions and other events as long as the “House Of Castles” is under renovation, and also needs to be renovated.

WORK: Interior: Dry wall work, wooden ceiling construction, possibly grinding of the wooden floor, painting
Exterior: Half-timbered construction, woodwork, erection of a stone wall, earthworks


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