Heule – renovation work in “De Heerlijheid van Heule”


09/07/2023 - 23/07/2023    


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., 8501 Heule, 8501

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PROJECT: “De Heerlijheid van Heule” is an open ecological farm that accommodates children with various problems, such as difficult family situations and drug problems. Young people and volunteers from the region are also welcome to support the work of the farm. On the farm, in addition to youth housing, there are rooms for after-school care, a public kitchen, a bakery, a farm store and a woodworking studio. In addition to the agricultural function of the farm, the goal of social inclusion is the top priority of the farm. On the premises there is an old coffee factory that is in need for renovation. Dormitories for families, as well as rooms for the local community will be created.


WORK: Carpentry and woodwork, painting and varnishing, general renovation work.


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