Hitzacker II – Hitzacker Dorf eG

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23/04/2023 - 06/05/2023


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PROJECT: In the small island town of Hitzacker in the Elbe in Wendland, an intercultural generation village for 300 residents is being created. The project is sponsored by „Hitzacker/Dorf eG“. Young and old, families, single parents, singles, locals and immigrants from all over the world want to build a village community together in which they live together and support each other. Apartments are built, a community house with a cafeteria is set up, premises for businesses are created. Here the future residents carry out a large part of the work themselves. In this way costs can be reduced and people with low income can also participate. This creates a place for living, working and living together. Ecologically, socially and democratically, a model of peaceful coexistence of cultures and generations in rural areas.

WORK: Woodworking, clay work, insulation works



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