Lochen/See, Österreich


06/08/2023 - 19/08/2023    


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Lochen / See
Ringstraße, Lochen am See

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Project: “LOTUS” is a school with a new approach to education. Learning is re-thought as a space for acting and being in an open way. Children learn at their own pace in practical projects and become active designers of the future. In this way, the school contributes to social change. School is also meant to be fun – for both the children and the parents. Schools should be actively designed and rethought as society changes. They want to take responsibility for their own actions and the common path. LOTUS wants to respect children as independent people and to preserve and protect their basic trust.
With this concept, LOTUS is already a successful school, but now they are moving to a new building, a former kindergarten. This is exactly where this construction camp will help: moving to a new school building and renovating it.

Work: painting, sanding, cleaning, assembling furniture, gardening


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