Straseni I


13/07/2020 - 25/07/2020    


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Strada Ştefan cel Mare, Straseni

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Volunteers: 2 Ger. / 4 Int.

PROJECT: In Straseni (approx. 25 km from Chisinau) is since 2003 an old people’s day care centre “Rasarit”, which is visited daily by more than 30 old people. The number of people receiving help in Rasarit has increased steadily since the opening. In the elderly day-care centre, visitors are provided with a warm meal and there are a laundry service and washing facilities. The centre also offers various social activities. The “Spectru” geriatric care centre is located in the immediate vicinity of the “Rasarit” geriatric day-care centre. Old people who can no longer care for themselves on their own live here. In addition, there is also a programme that supports old people who can still live at home but are very restricted in their movement and can only cope with everyday life with help. The participants support the project with activities.

WORK: Cleaning, minor repairs, gardening, care of the elderly, organizing leisure activities and supporting the daily running of the centre.



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