05/04/2021 - 17/04/2021    


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Volunteers: 5 Ger. / 5 Int.

PROJECT: The small village of Tipu is located in the Soomaa National Park in Estonia. On the grounds of the former village school, the Tipu Nature School Association offers a varied environmental and nature education programme for children and young people. The old school building is to be converted and used as a showcase for ecological construction, energy generation, energy saving and water use. In 2010, a small village house was built next to the old school building to serve as a seminar house. For this year’s construction camp, the maintenance of the hiking trail, the construction of a bridge, a mobile sauna and the construction of a water playground are planned. In addition, landscape maintenance work will be carried out on the Oksa grove.

WORK: hay making, building works on schoolhouse, clay works, insect nesting aid, bird nesting boxes, landscape conservation in the national park.



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