Toro-Colle D’Anchise bei Campobasso, Italien


14/07/2023 - 27/07/2023    


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Toro in contrada Colle Difesa , Campobasso

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PROJECT: The Association “Liberi di essere” deals with the promotion and development of the territory in the province of Campobasso. The objective of the activity in the Municipality of Toro is to enhance the rural trail “Il Sentiero di Vino” and traditional artifacts such as dry-stone walls and small shelter artifacts formerly used by shepherds. Agricultural activities are also planned. SINGLE SHIFT per day 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM – it may be possible to alternate, depending on the detailed programme shared with the group on arrival – to days when we will do for example 7-12AM and then 5-7:30PM.

WORK: Preparing of stones for reuse, dry stone wall work, harvesting in orchards


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