YCC Kaspi

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01/08/2022 - 15/08/2022

Kaspi - Momavali-Zentrum

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PROJECT: The “Momavali Center for Youth and Civil Initiative” was founded in 2003 in Kaspi, a town with 20,000 inhabitants, about 50 km from the Georgian capital Tbilisi. One of the main activities of the organization is working with disadvantaged children and youth. To this end, the center regularly organizes sports, educational and cultural events. In the fall of 2015, work began on converting a vacant building into a daycare center for children with disabilities. The daycare center for about 20 children is already in operation, but the building needs to be modernized, converted to make it handicapped accessible, and new rooms need to be created. Since 2016, volunteers from the Bauorden have been actively supporting the conversion. This year, several rooms will be renovated.

WORK: painting and varnishing, carpentry, concrete work, laying water pipes, landscaping, general renovation work.

Special feature: this is a youth construction camp. Age of participants: from 15 to 17 years. The price per person is 480€, with a partner registration, of for example brothers and sisters there is the separate duo price of 420€ per person. Flight from Berlin or Frankfurt included in the price. The camps are accompanied by experienced team members.


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