Voluntary Service in Germany

You are 18-26 years old; you don’t live in Germany, have always wanted to travel abroad, meet nice people and do something useful for a good cause?

So how about this…

Eight weeks voluntary service in Germany

Internationaler Bauorden is a youth organization with Catholic roots that has supported social and non-profit institutions with construction and renovation work ever since 1953. Anyone can help, whether you are religious or not. So come and take part in an international work camp.

What exactly will you do?

You spend eight weeks in Germany – with experience in four different work camps.
You live and work in international teams with 8-12 young volunteers from all over world – mostly Europe. You help clubs and organisations that have something they need to build or renovate. It could be a nature playground. Or a centre for ecological education. An asylum centre for women in need. Or a farm where poor children can go on holiday. All these projects can use your help.

You work together with other volunteers eight hours a day, five days a week. Maybe you’ll build a wooden cabin. Or paint one. Mix concrete. Or build a wall. Never done anything like this before? Don’t know how to? Don’t worry, you don’t need any experience, as long as you’re not afraid of work and want to learn something new. Your weekends are free. You are welcome to discover the nearby cities and see the sights. You might want to hang out with your new friends from the work camp.

  • You’re interested in spending time with people from other cultures
  • You’re willing and in good physical condition to work eight hours a day on a construction site
  • You want to travel
  • You can work in a team and are tolerant of others
  • You have at least a very basic knowledge of English. If you can speak German too, great – but it’s not necessary.

Most of the work camps are located in rural areas of Germany, so fresh air is guaranteed. (Internet not always.) You travel to a new project every two weeks, mostly by train. All travel costs between the work camps are paid for by Internationaler Bauorden. You will know in advance which work camps you are taking part in before you come to Germany

When can you come?

  • 12 June – 6 August 2022
  • 26 June 20 August 2022
  • 07 August– 01 October 2022
  • 21 August – 15 October 2022

What do you get from us?

  • Free board and simple lodging (7 days a week)
  • Total €200 travel allowance (€50 in the first camp and €150 in the last)
  • Liability and accident insurance
  • Help to apply for a visa, if necessary
  • Certificate of participation
  • Equipment (safety shoes and sleeping bag)
  • You have to pay for the journey from your home to the first work camp and your return journey from the last work camp back home.

Any more questions?
Send an email to 8w@bauorden.eu. We will be happy to help you. You can write in German or English.

Want to apply now?
Send your CV with a photo to 8w@bauorden.eu. Write a few sentences about yourself and why you want to join the programme. We will contact you within one week. Before we enrol you, we will ask you for a reference from your teacher or employer. You also need tourist health insurance valid in Germany. Then you can plan your journey to the first work camp, we will help you with that.

We are looking forward to your email and/or application!


Voluntary Ecological Year
Bauorden has been offering a voluntary ecological year (FÖJ) since 2009. The volunteer is going to work in the office of the IBO as well as in various Workcamps.

There are various focus areas in the Workcamps:
* projects concerning “ecological building”
* restoration work on historic buildings
* near-natural landscaping of outdoor facilities
* work with wood and loam construction projects
* organic farming

Working at the office means preparing and organizing Workcamps. An educational project for the environment is being planned. The work in various Workcamps offers many chances but can also be quite challenging. The voluntary ecological year offers the opportunity to get to know ecological, manual and social working environments. The contact person is a fulltime employee a voluntary mentor.

Applications can be submitted by young adults from Germany and other European countries.