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Volunteers: 3 D / 5 Int.

Project: The „Merk mal e.V.“ wants to contribute to strengthening the quality of life in the Anhalt-Wittenberg region. With its events, the association wants to support civic engagement, discuss creative methods for civic participation, facilitate encounters, exchanges and cooperation and encourage citizens to actively participate in shaping their environment and their neighbourhood. The mustard mill built in 1864 in Kemberg (15 km from Lutherstadt Wittenberg) is already being used for this work as a seminar house and hostel but is to be expanded further In the construction camps, the roof truss affected by the wooden trestle is to be renewed. Pine trunks will be cut, planed and painted into beams and boards for interior finishing and facade cladding.

Work: Week I: Sawing, planing and painting boards, uncovering foundations, installation of sparse formwork, installation of load-bearing structures, sawing masonry.
Week II: Filling the foundations, insulation work, timber façade construction, plumbing work (conversion of drinking water system), scaffolding erection, roof plumbing and roofing work

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