Bad Freienwalde
Bad Freienwalde

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Volunteers: 4 Ger. / 4 Int.

PROJECT: Until 2011, the Protestant „Mission House Malche“ (near Bad Freienwalde) was a training centre for missionaries at home and abroad and later for parish teachers. Through the training activities, a sisterhood and fraternity with over 100 members was created, who are active nationwide in diaconic fields of work. The ‚Malche‘ itself is home to 15 retired sisters. Founded in 1898 as a school and Bible house, the property has been used for eight years as a meeting place with a guest house and a conference house. The volunteers will renovate two long corridors in the large guest house built in 1907. In addition, wooden windows will be agglutinated and fly screens will be built. An indoor playground is to be built in an old garage. The walls are to be refurbished and creatively designed.

WORK: Painting work, carpentry work

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