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Volunteers: 6 Ger. / 6 Int.

Project: The association Land.Leben.Kunst.Werk. e.V. was founded in 2002 in Quetzdölsdorf (close to Leipzig). The goal of the association is the development and support of new, sustainable shapes of rural culture. The association is also an official institution in youth welfare and offers various activities and project days for children and youth groups, where they can explore nature and experience and push their limits at a high rope playground. For many years the Bauorden has helped in Quetzdölsdorf. This year’s construction camps include artisan upcycling projects: Two large tree houses (on stilts) will be deconstructed and transformed into utility products by means of handicraft art projects. In addition, raised beds for the berry garden will be built from quarry stones from the vicarage and recycled beams from the renovated barn.

Work: woodwork, carpenter works, painting.

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