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Volunteers: 3 D / 5 Int.

Project. The „CVJM Berlin e.V.“ was founded in 1883 and is thus the oldest CVJM (Young People‘s Christian Association) in Germany. The focus of its work is above all on young people, whom the association wants to reach with its holistic offerings. It would like to promote talents, to contribute to the personality development and encourage to social responsibility . In the „YMCA Camp Storkower See“ (70 km from Berlin) with group house, campground, direct access to the lake and sports grounds, youth groups and school classes can actively spend their leisure time. An important part of the work is the experience of nature. Different contexts of nature are staged on the basis of the concept „WasserWerkstattWald“.
In this year’s construction camps, an old building in the „canoe station“ area will be completely renovated.

Work: Woodworking, demolition work

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