About Us

For over 60 years, Internationaler Bauorden (IBO) has organized international youth exchanges, peace services and charity projects in Europe. The Bauorden promotes social commitment and international encounters. We support non-profit organizations with so-called building camps by providing construction and renovation work.

Bauorden Germany is supported by a non-profit association (Internationaler Bauorden Deutscher Zweig e.V.). The head office is based in Ludwigshafen (Gemeinnützige Bauorden GmbH). Bauorden plans about 120 aid projects (Workcamps) in cooperation with their project partners. Since the Bauorden was formed, over 360.000 students, apprentices, craftsmen and employees have worked as volunteers. The majority of the operations are financed by donations.

Baurorden was founded in 1953 by the Dutch priest Werenfried van Straaten. He encouraged young people and students to help build homes for refugees and displaced persons in Germany. The aim is to reduce housing shortage. The first construction-trip takes place in Nienberge near Munster / Westphalia from April 6 to 18, 1953. That same year, another 17 construction-trips are being organized. 600 “yourneymen” from four countries are working together. Independent, national Bauorden-Organizations, which cooperate closely, are founded in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria.

“The Bauorden started as a work of reconciliation and an act of charity. That is and always will be the bottom line. People are far better than we think. The large numbers of volunteers have proven this over the past few years.”

Pater Werenfried van Straaten, founder of the Bauorden (died January 31, 2003)

In May 2009 Bauorden was the first youth organization that joined the Alliance of the German Catholic Youth (BDJK) http://www.bdkj.de/


Im Mai 2009 wurde der Bauorden als erste Jugendorganisation Mitglied im Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (BDKJ) .

Der Bauorden ist Mitglied in der Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft internationaler sozialer Dienste (BISD).