Internship on the contruction site

The Internationaler Bauorden (IBO) offers students of architecture and civil engineering the opportunity to combine social commitment with their studies. Many of the IBO’s workcamps are suitable for an internship on the construction site.

Students work in an international group in Germany or abroad. For two to four weeks (or longer) they build and renovate under professional supervision eight hours a day. The students gain practical experience and simultaneously support non-profit institutions.

The registration fee for camps in Germany is 80,- Euro (second camp in the same calendar year is 60,- Euro). The registration fee for camps abroad is 110,- Euro (camps in Marocco 280,- Euro, camps in Russia, Armenia and Georgia 180,- Euro). The volunteers get insurance against accidents and liability by the Bauorden and receive free board and lodging.

Travel expenses are not being reimbursed. Volunteers between the age of 18 and 26 years of age who participate in a camp in Russia, Armenia or Georgia receive a travel subsidy of 220,- Euro; for a camp in Belarus or the Ukraine it is 100,- Euro.

We are happy to advise students who are interested in joining a project. Here [PDF] you can find a Flyer which covers the dates for the following months.

Experience Reports

“In Medewege I realized two things that I was missing during my studies: the importance of practical experience and the importance of ecology while building”

Andrea (23), Workcamp in Schwerin


How can I sign up?

Sign up for a Workcamp like the other participants. Please check the box “acceptance as practical course”.

How do I find the right Workcamp?

You can find our Workcamps here []. You can find the planned work for each Workcamp in the description (subject to modification). We are happy to assist you in your search for the right Workcamp!

What if I need a longer internship period?

You can participate in a number of Workcamps. This way you also get to know different Workcamps and construction sites.

Can I sign up on short notice?

Most of the time there are free places available in a Workcamp. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call!

Can I do the internship with a friend?

Of course. There only have to be two free places in a Workcamp.

What about the internship report?

Your internship report should be drafted according the regulations of your university / college. We will sign and stamp the report.

How do I get the internship certificate?

Please send us the filled-out evaluation questionnaire / your internship report. We will be happy to send you an internship certificate.

Will the internship be recognized?

Check with the internship office of your university / college if the internship in a Workcamp will be recognized. We will gladly send you information about Bauorden and the specific project.

Conctact info for questions regarding recognition (also for internship offices):

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Feinendegen

RWTH Aachen

Geotechnik im Bauwesen

Telephone: +49 241 / 80-252 49


Do I need any kind of prior knowledge?

No. The work will be explained and monitored on-site. Nevertheless, having manual skills will help.

Do I have to be able to speak the local language or English?

No. It will help to know some word in the local language but at the camp you will be able to communicate in German, English, Russian or with the help of other volunteers who will translate.

I would like to sign up for an internship next year. When can I sign up?

The first new projects will be online around November. You can sign up on our homepage.