We are…

Internationaler Bauorden
Schützenstr. 1
67061 Ludwigshafen
Tel. 0621/6355 4946
Fax 0621/6355 4947

the team.

Philipp Schmitz

… is the Managing Director of the Bauorden. He heads the Bauorden’s office in Ludwigshafen. He is also responsible for new project partners and public relations work as well as being the contact person for donors.

Julia Dickob

… is responsible for the coordination of all work camps in Germany. She is available to volunteers and our project partners for all questions relating to participation with the Bauorden.

Marion Molitor

… also works as a consultant for international youth work and focuses on our work camps abroad.

Bernd Ackermann

.… is the person in the background. He manages all the administrative processes of the Bauorden, keeps the accounts up to date, maintains this website and processes printed matter.

Valentyna Sobetska

… coordinates the Bauorden’s commitment to refugees in the Rhine-Neckar region. She is also the contact person for volunteers from Central and Eastern Europe.

Klaus Waiditschka

… is a eurodesk counsellor and contact person for all questions concerning stays abroad for young people. Klaus has a wealth of experience in the field of international youth work and works as a volunteer for the Bauorden.