What is a Workcamp?

Gemeinsam etwas schaffen.

International Workcamps – On a Journey With Cause

Young people graft for a good cause. International groups build and renovate social facilities. Everyone who wants to get involved is welcome to join. In Germany and abroad.

The Projects

We support social and non-profit organizations which we carefully select. In order to relieve our project partners we pay a subsidy for room and board of the group.

The Work

The daily working time from Monday to Friday is 8 hours. Manual skills are helpful but not rquired. There’s professional direction so everbody knows what to do and how to do it.

There is a great variety of tasks: demoltion work, concrete work, brickwork insulation work etc.

The Volunteers

Everybody who wants to work on a construction site with others is welcome to join, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, religion or foreign language skill. A group of volunteers usually consists of six to twelve volunteers from various countries with different social and cultural backgrounds. Most of our volunteers are between 16 and 26 years old but there are also camps for senior citizens as well as camps for families.

You should be open, adventurous and ready to improvise when you join Bauorden :

Room and Board

The accommodation is often simple so you should bring a sleeping bag. The meals are usually prepared by the group. Vegetarian alternatives are available most of the time but please inform us before your arrival about your dietary habits.

Room and board are free.

Free Time

The volunteers organize their free time. The surroundings of every camp offer different free time activities as well as day trips to sights and cities in the proximity of the Workcamp.

Why Workcamps?

Bauorden promotes international understanding and peace education. Furthermore, the Workcamps support non-profit projects. The manula labour is just as important as the community life at the Workcamp.

A Workcamp is your chance to get involved in community service abroad.

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