What is a construction camp?

The building order supports social and charitable projects with necessary construction and renovation work.

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What is a building camp?

Bauorden supports social and charitable projects by helping with construction and renovation works.

An international group of volunteers works eight hours a day for two to three weeks. The weekends are free.

A group usually consists of eight to twelve German and international volunteers. We insure the participants (accident insurance, liability insurance). The travel expenses are paid by us and the volunteers.

The young men and women are not building specialists but enthusiastic laymen. They are passionate about their work but they have different levels of manual skill. Professional instructions are therefore very important. Many of our volunteers are students who study architecture or structural engineering.

The participants are usual between 18 and 26 years old. They want to do something good, gather first practical experience and live together in an international group. The volunteers come from Belgium, the Netherlands, Central and Eastern Europe and of course from Germany and other countries. The camp language is German or English.