Every year, more than 2,400 volunteers travel with the building order. Some of them report here about their experiences.

In Germany

“There was a lot of life in the house. From here one heard hammers, from there laughter; sweaty and dusty figures romped through the area.”… read more
Michael (25)

“It sounded like a very interesting and exciting work, although each of our groups doubted the achievement of this goal in such a short time… especially us young people, who have hardly ever worked by hand…”. … read more
Olena (22)

“Every morning began with a construction meeting, during which the requirements and responsibilities of the work to be done were clarified…”. … read more
Andrea (23)


“The mayor and his staff could not imagine that young Western Europeans would come here and work in their free time.”
Maria-Magdalena (21), Building camp 2007 in Bulgaria

“Despite obvious poverty, spontaneous invitations to evening garden parties were not uncommon, with beer and vodka in the form of richly covered, home-made garden sets.”
Johann (67), Construction Camp 2006 in Ukraine

“Vetepere is pretty much in the middle of Estonia, close to…, well, frankly, there’s not too much in the neighborhood.”
Baldur (25), 2007 construction camp in Estonia

“I’ve been home for a few weeks already. The building weeks are still very much alive. I mean, it’s just good to change your perspective, to dare something adventurous.”
Anneke (21) Construction camp 2005 in Vrabanja/Bosnia-Herzegovina

“The way we dealt with the local people was great. Our work was highly appreciated and we always felt a great gratitude.”
Stefanie (20) Building camp 2005 in Malacky/Slovakia

“The communal dinner with sometimes 30 people of acquaintances and friends, including their children, was an experience of Italian culture of a unique kind. It quickly made us forget the strains of the work.”
Dietmar (64), Baucamp 2007 in Italy

“To help in a committed group, to do something for others is a great experience.”
Jolanta (23), construction camp 2004 in Sokolowsko/Poland