Anniversary and birthday donations

You are celebrating a round birthday, your wedding day, a christening or a company anniversary and would like to call for a donation for Bauorden instead of gifts? Put your celebration under the motto “Donations instead of gifts” and ask your guests to support the work of Bauorden. You can help us in two ways: With your donation you support our work directly. And you carry on the idea of the Bauorden, because you inform about our work at the same time.

When you ask for donations, you have several options:

Cash donations During your celebration, your guests will give cash donations. You then transfer the collected money to us and receive a donation receipt.

Donations from your guests to your private account The guests transfer their donation to your private bank account. You will then forward the collected amounts to us and send us a list of the donor addresses and the respective donations. We will then send your guests the confirmation of donation.

Donations by direct transfer to Bauorden You ask your guests to transfer directly to the donations account of Bauorden. We will send your guests the confirmation of donation.

We are happy to support you in your fundraising campaign. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further questions:

Peter Runck