Important framework conditions

Terms and Conditions

The volunteers pay a registration fee for their participation in a Workcamp. Bauorden pays for the liability and accident insurance of the volunteers and pays a subsidy for room and board of the volunteers towards the projects abroad. Room and board are free.

The minimum age for Workcamp in Germany is 18.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for volunteers from abroad (except for Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Austria) is 30,- Euro for a Workcamp in Germany.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses will not be reimbursed. The volunteers pay for and organize their arrival and departure by themselves. Bauorden can help them with the organization. Participation is only possible for the whole duration of the Workcamp. The arrival is usually on Sunday the departure is usually on Saturday. Many projects give a specified arrival time and a meeting point.

Conditions of Participation

Everybody who wants to work on a construction site with others is welcome to join. As a volunteer, you work without pay. You should be able to perform up to 8 hours of physical labor. The daily working time from Monday to Friday is 8 hours. The weekends are free. Alcohol is prohibited during work time. When you join a Workcamp abroad it is helpful to know a few words in the local language. A Work camps usually takes place for two to four weeks.

You should bring your own working shoes, working clothes and working gloves.

The accommodation is often simple so you should bring a sleeping bag and a iso mat. The meals are usually prepared by the group. Vegetarian alternatives are available most of the time but please inform us before your arrival about your dietary habits.

The work at the Workcamps is subject to change without notice since a lot of things can change during the long preliminary phase of the planning the Workcamps.

The contact information of the participants will only be given to the project partners and the other participants of the Workcamp. This information is only for internal use and shall be treated confidentially. Photos that are being taken at the Workcamps may be used for advertising purposes by Bauorden.

A certificate of good conduct is required for Workcamps in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Marocco.

A group of volunteers usually consists of six to twelve volunteers from various countries with different social and cultural backgrounds. Volunteers from the project organization are also present.

Bauorden is not liable for the damage or loss of your personal property so be careful if you want to bring valuable items.

After you signed up for a Workcamp (please always indicate an alternative Workcamp) you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please transfer the registration fee within six to eights days. If the Workcamps gets canceled by Bauorden and there is no substitute Workcamp in the same time period we will reimburse the registration fee.

When a volunteer cancels his or her participation Bauorden will retain at least 30.- Euro of the registration fee. When a volunteer cancels his or her participation less than six weeks before the start of a Workcamp Bauorden will retain 50.- Euro of the registration fee. When a volunteer cancels his or her participation on short notice (less than 7 days before the start of a Workcamp) Bauorden will retain the entire registration fee.

Health Insurance Documents

All volunteers need a valid foreign travel health insurance. Pleas bring proof of foreign travel health insurance to the camp.

Die Teilnehmenden benötigen für das Baucamp eine gültige Krankenversicherung und sollten einen Nachweis ins Baucamp mitbringen:

Travel Documents

Please bring / apply for valid travel documents to ensure that you will arrive at your destination. Please check the current information for your destination country at your federal foreign office.

If you need to apply for a visa Bauorden will help you with the procedure.