It’s been a good thing for a long time

The building order has been a good thing for a long time. We appreciate any help to make the projects of the International Building Order known. If you have the opportunity to use a publication such as It would be a great help for us and our project partners to make a community letter, the newsletter of a university community or a student council, a school magazine or another printed or online publication aware of the building orders. Every year we are looking for new interested parties in our construction camps who are interested in meaningful help in social projects, getting to know people from all over Europe and actively participating in unusual project locations.

You are welcome to use the following graphics. They are available as print (300dpi) and screen variants (72dpi). Please let us know where you want to include the graphics. Thank you very much. If you need help integrating the graphics, please contact us by email. To download the files, please right-click on the corresponding motif and then … Save graphic as.

Complete package 300dpi as jpg-Dateien [zip-Datei, 2 MB]

Complete package 300dpi as tif-Dateien [zip-Datei, 2 MB]

Druck 300dpi | Größe 70x50mm

Druck 300dpi | Größe 34x48mm

Druck 300dpi | Größe 34x24mm

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