Current construction camps

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The printed program will be published towards the end of March / beginning of April. If you would like to receive this program by mail, please send a short e-mail with your address to

The registration fee for a German camp is 80,- Euro for Germans (from the second camp within a calendar year 60,- Euro) and 30€ only for foreigners, for a camp abroad it is 110,- Euro for everybody. To participate in two camps in Poland or in Ukraine, the Building Order pays volunteers between 18-26 years a travel allowance of 100,- €.

The volunteers in our construction camps are usually between 18 and 26 years old. In many construction camps, however, older participants or families are welcome. The minimum age for participation in construction camps in Germany is 18 years, except for the “Jugendbaucamps” (Workcamps for youths).

Accommodation and meals are free during a camp. Each participant is insured against accidents and liability. Travel expenses will not be refunded. Foreigners joining three camps in Germany in a row get 180€ as a travel subsidy.

Current construction camps

Click on the workcamps to find information about them. Some projects are also suitable for families and seniors, and there are some workcamps for youths from 15 to 17. We are happy to provide information about our construction camps. Please ask by phone or email.

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