Construction site internships in spring 2020

The International Bauorden (IBO) offers students of architecture and civil engineering the opportunity to combine social commitment with their studies. Many Workcamps of the IBO are suitable for an internship on the construction site.

Helfen und Lernen.

foreing countries

Podum, Croatia

12.04. – 25.04.2020

Project: The Omladinska Udruga Podum Association (Podum Youth Association) is a non-profit association that implements social, cultural and educational projects. A focus of the association’s activity is working with socially disadvantaged young people as well as learning through practical work and international exchange. During the construction camp in spring, the volunteers will build wooden furniture and paint walls, and possibly also renovate a bathroom and another house that is in very poor condition.

Work: wood and carpentry, painting, optional tiling, demolition, masonry.


Bela Rechka, Bulgaria

10.05. – 25.05.2020

Project: Bela Rechka (approx. 80 km north of Sofia) is a village with around 70 mostly older residents. Many young people have moved to the cities. Since 2004, the “Nova Kultura” foundation has been organizing cultural activities for and with Bela Rechka, which means that village life is blossoming again. A former school building forms the center of work and is the focus of the international GOATMILK festival, which takes place every year in Bela Rechka with music and workshops. During the construction camp, the volunteers will build two mobile covered stages for cultural performances. New pieces of furniture are to be created from pallets and recycled materials. The volunteers also support the team in preparing the festival, which takes place from May 24th to 26th. There is plenty of room for creative ideas!

Work: carpentry and painting, landscaping, general renovation.



12.04. -25.04.2020

Project: The Meika, an old malt factory in Hadmersleben, had been empty for 20 years when it was bought in 2018 by the sculptor Krystof Marchewicz and his wife Beate. They founded the association “Kunst- & Kulturfabrik Hadmersleben e.V.” with the aim of converting the factory into a place for encounters and culture. The aim is to create a multifunctional space that offers space for a café, exhibition, concerts, theater and art, among other things. Ateliers and workshops for artists are also to be created in the factory. In the construction camps, work will mainly be done indoors.

Work: interior construction, drywall, grinding work.




15.03. -28.03.2020

Project: The ‘Olgashof’ is a living and working community near Wismar. Across generations, fourteen adults and nine children live here together in a large manor house and a few outbuildings on an extensive site. A hierarchical and appreciative cooperation is important here. There are several workshops, an architecture office and a conference house on the premises. The building order has been supporting various projects on the ‘Olgashof’ for over ten years. In 2019, the manor house was increased by one floor. The interior of the new floor and fire protection measures are planned in the construction camps. The roof of one of the warehouses needs to be replaced, and smaller works on the school house and the conference house are also planned.

Work: interior design, carpentry, loft conversion, fire protection measures.



15.03. -28.03.2020

Project: The evangelical “Mission House Malche” (near Bad Freienwalde) was a training center for missionaries in Germany and abroad until 2011 and later for community teachers. The training activity created a sister and brotherhood with over 100 members who are active nationwide in diaconal fields. There are 15 retired sisters living in the ‘Malche’ itself. The property, which was founded in 1898 as a school and bible house, has served as a meeting place with a guest and conference house for eight years. The volunteers of the building order will renovate two long corridors in the large guest house, built in 1907, and cement wooden windows. An indoor playground is to be built in an old garage. For this purpose, the walls should be refurbished and creatively designed.

Work: painting, carpentry



29.03. – 11.04.2020

Project: The bread factory “GLASHAUS. Association of users of the Brotfabrik e.V. is a socio-cultural center with gallery, cinema, theater, studio and a pub in Berlin. The association is converting the 150-year-old coach house, which once served as a horse stable and has been used as a gallery since 1991, into a modern gallery with work space for people with and without disabilities. The conversion is intended to gain new space for art courses.

Work: demolition work, drywall, green roofs, general renovation work.



26.04. – 09.05.2020

Project: The “Merk mal e.V.” near Wittenberg wants to contribute to strengthening the quality of life in the Anhalt-Wittenberg region. With its events, the association wants to support citizen engagement, convey creative methods for citizen participation, enable encounters, exchange and cooperation, and encourage citizens to actively shape their environment, their neighborhood. The mustard mill in Kemberg (15 km from Lutherstadt Wittenberg), built in 1864, is already used as a seminar house and hostel for this work, but is to be expanded further. In the construction camps, the roof truss infested with wooden trestles is to be replaced. Pine trunks are cut, planed and painted into beams and boards for interior fittings and cladding.

Work: carpentry, drywall, insulation work, installation work, plumbing and roofing work.