Jugendbaucamp Kleinow – Capoeira Angola e.V.

Jugendbaucamp Kleinow - Capoeira Angola e.V.


13/08/2023 - 26/08/2023    


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Kleinow 25, Uckerfelde, 17291

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This camp is for young people aged 15 to 17. There will be two supervisors who will work together with the young people and, if necessary, take care of the smaller and bigger problems of the volunteers. The teamers will also organize various leisure activities. In Kleinow you can also learn Capoeira! 

Just like in our other camps, we will work 7–8 hours.

PROJECT: The Capoeira Angola e.V. association founded the “Kilombo Kleinow” on a former estate in the Uckermark. “Kilombo” originally refers to a place where nomads take their rest. The “Kilombo Kleinow” is a meeting place for all those who are enthusiastic about a variety of art and cultural forms. Capoeria Angola, a Brazilian martial art used by slaves on Brazilian plantations for self-defence, is the basis on which the socio-cultural centre “Kilombo” was built in Kleinow. In the unique combination of sport, art, culture and nature, socially disadvantaged children and young people are promoted here in an integrative way. In 2023, the renovation of the Schrotboden, a previously unused outbuilding of the estate, is to be tackled. A multifunctional building with a dance and rehearsal room, woodworking and digital workshop is to be created in the old grist loft.

WORK: Renovation of exterior walls and roof, staircase and stairs, installation of skylights
Renewal of the floor, repair or replacement of the windows, installation of modern electrical installations.


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