Bauorden supports Seebrücke

The Bauorden is happy to be a part of this alliance and will work as part of its international youth work to make Europe a safe haven for people in need. Bauorden declares its solidarity with all people on the run. We expect those involved in German and European politics to immediately turn away from the restrictive isolationist policy and send a signal to the world for more cohesion in difficult times. We have also been helped many times, let’s do it ourselves today and in the future. Let’s not leave anyone behind! #LeaveNoOneBehind

Internships on workcamps

Construction site internship for students in the fields of architecture and civil engineering: combining the useful with the good. Help in social projects and at the same time complete a … Weiterlesen

Starting again after easter

Dear volunteers,

we really hope that the pandemic situation will have improved by Easter and that we will have the opportunity to offer construction camps. In Germany we start with Hadmersleben, Storkow See, Mannheim and Quetzdölsdorf. Abroad you can support great projects in Chotěboř (Czech Republic) and Tipu (Estonia). For more information see the list of camps.


We read with dismay in the press about the allegations against Werenfried van Straaten, who founded the Bauorden in 1953. We were deeply shaken by these allegations. We distance ourselves … Weiterlesen

Ukraine – The forgotten war in Europe

Euromaidan. International annexation of the Crimea. Occupation of parts of eastern Ukraine by Russia. The Ukrainian military has been fighting Russian soldiers in the Donetsk and Luhansk region for five … Weiterlesen